Our Commitment to Emergency Care

In 2010 BAPH opened as northern Michigan’s first and only veterinary hospital staffed 24/7 for emergency and critical care. We are presently a team of 8 doctors and 20 support staff. Our team has experience and training in emergency care and is working around the clock to provide lifesaving care to pets in need. Even on days there are not many cars in the parking lot, there may be a dozen hospitalized pets that are receiving care or we may have “all hands-on deck” attempting to stabilize one critical pet or taking a pet into lifesaving surgery.

During the recent months the number of emergencies presenting to our hospital has increased faster than we have been able to hire to meet this caseload. Pets will be triaged and those with the most critical illness and injuries will be treated first. This will mean an extended wait time may be expected for patients with non-life-threatening needs. It also means that wait time is subject to change if a pet with critical medical needs arrives during your initial wait time. We will do our best to keep you apprised of current wait times, but again these estimates may change dependent on what other cases may arrive.

Please know we are working as quickly as we can to provide the attention your pet requires. We will do our best to keep you updated on the current wait time. If your pet has a non-emergency need and you would like a list of other local clinics that may be able to see your pet, we can provide many recommendations.

We are in the profession of emergency and critical care because of our love for animals and passion for emergency care. We have heartbreaking losses, adrenaline rush inducing STAT patients, and also many very gratifying cases when we get to send a pet home to its owner with a second chance at life. Each shift is mentally and physically exhausting, but we return each day because we truly love what we do.
The Doctors and Staff of Bay Area Pet Hospital